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Sportsman's Condo The SC-1 (Save $90)

FREE Metal Base ($100 Value)

FREE Window Kit ($59 Value)

FREE Door Window Kit ($29 Value)

FREE Lifetime Customer Support ($99 Value)

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Sportsman's Condo The SC-1 Southern Outdoor Technologies

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What's Included?

Sportsman's Condo The SC-1 (Save $90)

FREE Metal Base ($100 Value)

FREE Window Kit ($59 Value)

FREE Door Window Kit ($29 Value)

FREE Lifetime Customer Support ($99 Value)

✔ You   SAVE  a total  of  $406  today!

  • Sportsman's Condo The SC-1 Southern Outdoor Technologies


    • 48”L x 48”D x 86”H
    • 225 lbs
    • Built-in shelf for easy storage
    • one-piece construction for years of maintenance-free enjoyment
    • a quiet seal door designed to minimize ambient noise
    • Windows to protect you from the harshest of elements
    • Tree Branch Color Option Available


    Are you still on your hunt to fill a tag? The Sportsman's Condo SC-1 is a solid one-piece molded construction with a rock-solid stand that can commit to years of maintenance-free hunting. It is comfortable and has a very sturdy base that allows the entire blind to be elevated. The SC-1's mobility and concealment is a promise you want to look forward to. Stop wasting your time and expense. Get the right blind as there's no better way to get close. SC-1 is a game-changer. You can get this hunting blind now at a great price! Call us or chat with us now!


    Best Way to Raise a Box Blind:

    1. Finding the Ideal Spot

    This is what it all comes down to. You have to check what direction the wind is coming from. When selecting a location, make sure you have your hunting blind out of the line of sight of the animals. Place the blind so it forces wildlife to cross it instead of facing it directly when they enter the area. This will help you with concealment and to keep the wildlife away from discovering you.

    Set-up the box blind as per the instruction manual. Unpack the blind and start spreading out all the pieces and get everything organized so you know where everything goes. Scatter all your pieces and make sure that you have all the parts to assemble the blind. To speed up the process, pre-sort all bolts, nuts, and washers. Another important thing you should think about is how you’re gonna shoot out of it, which direction you need to turn it, where do you want the ladder or how to access it. It’s a lot easier to build it in the direction that you wanted rather than turning it around later.

    2. The Art of Being Elevated

    There are two ways you can raise your box blind. Just make sure you have your ratchet strap, anchoring cable and 3-4 friends that are ready to help you out. You need to check what is the best height for your stand or how far you should put it up in the air. You need to be up above the deer’s line of sight where they can’t see you and high enough where you think the wind is gonna be dispersed better. For bow hunting, 10 ft. is recommended because too high means too acute.

    Tractor or Skid Loader

    One way to raise a box blind is with the help of a tractor or skid loader. Once your box blind is assembled and slides into its platform, you can follow these instructions (this can be done with 10 ft. or 15 ft. stands): 

      1. Position cardboard on the floor to protect the handrails of the box blind. 
      2. Roll the box blind onto handrails over the cardboard. 
      3. Follow the instructions to assemble the stand. Allow safe distance between tractor and stand. 
      4. Install anchoring cable to the stand. Use 1” or 2” ratchet strap to secure legs of the stand resting on the ground to the 1” rebar pin so the stand does not slide. 
      5. Secure one end of the strap to the eye hook on the bottom base. Secure to the tractor or skid loader. 
      6. Place the strap over the top of all bracing and then pull slowly until the box blind is raised.


    Have you got a winch on your truck or ATV? This is another way to raise a box blind. Get a long piece of rope and build a very big A-frame (at least 16’ tall) out of some small trees or 2x6 Ts (nailed and tied together about 12” from the top). Dig a couple of good-sized holes and drop the legs of your frame in there. The A-frame will need to be upright, but leaning towards the stand. The rope should go over the top of the A-frame and be attached to the top of the stand. Allow a safe distance and winch the box blind up. Don't forget to build (or take) a ladder or steps to get to the door once you raise it.



    The beauty of being elevated is that you can see a lot better, as far as observing goes. You can see further and watch the deer approach. When you’re up there, it keeps your scent up higher and disperses it better so you’re less likely to get noticed. 

    While you’re anxiously awaiting the hunting season, make sure everything’s been checked and ready. Anchoring down the bottom all the way would help a lot ‘cause you might have bad weather.

    Hunters may only have an opportunity to hunt for once or twice a year, but if the location of the box blind is good, you can hope to make big bucks or maybe somebody’s first doe. Call or chat with us now so we can assist you in choosing and raising the best box blind and stand for you. Don’t miss out on what we’ve got coming up for you!

    ***Please note that lead time to produce is 2-4 weeks.***

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    Getting your hunting blind has never been more convenient with HuntingBlindsHQ. When you place an order through our website or through one of our sales representatives, you will receive an email to confirm that we have received your order.

    Please note that at this point, your preferred payment method has not yet been charged. Our team will carefully go through your order to verify the details such as availability, shipping address and any other relevant information. Once this is done, only then will you be charged for the amount of your order.


    Stock and Availability

    Most blinds listed in our store are usually in stock. In the event that the blind you choose is not currently in stock, we will get in touch with the manufacturer to have the item shipped to you directly.

    We’ve built close relationships with many of the distributors and manufacturers in this industry to ensure the best availability of their products. If an item is not currently in stock at HuntingBlindsHQ and the manufacturer, it is unlikely that it will be readily available elsewhere. In cases like these, the fastest way to acquire the item is by letting us process your purchase via backorder so that it can be delivered as soon it becomes available again.

    For all in stock blinds and accessories, shipping can usually proceed within 1 to 2 days and can be delivered to the shipping address within a week.


    Shipping and Delivery

    It’s important to note that due to the size and weight of the items, all our blinds are delivered via freight carriers. We also estimate shipping rate. Because of this, it may take some time for you to receive a tracking number after we have confirmed your order.

    However, this does not mean that your order is not being processed. Even without the tracking number, steps are being taken to have your items delivered to you. There have even been cases where delivery was completed without an active tracking number. Rest assured that the absence of a tracking number will not cause any delays in the shipping of your items.

    As soon as the tracking number is available, we will send it to you via email. If you do not receive your tracking number within a week of confirming your order, feel free to contact us. You can also check the  order status page on our website for the latest updates on your purchase.

    We ship to both residential and commercial addresses. However, we highly recommend providing a commercial shipping address to help ensure that your items will arrive in the best condition.

    We have found that there is a higher chance of damaging the blinds during the transition from a large freight truck to a smaller delivery vehicle for shipping to a residential address. Commercial addresses will have the facilities to safely unload large and heavy items. Delivery of your items can also be fulfilled much faster through a commercial address since the time it takes for additional rerouting will be removed.

    Rest assured that we are processing your order and are doing everything to get it delivered as soon as possible. Our shipping partners will always set an appointment with you before delivering the items to ensure your availability to receive them.

    Our delivery partners will never send an order to its shipping address without first scheduling an appointment. Before the final delivery to the shipping address, you will be contacted by the delivery personnel via phone to set a date and time for the arrival of the order. This is to ensure that you will be available to receive and inspect your items. Please inspect the package. In the event that the item is damaged, refuse it and contact us immediately.

    *Remote and residential locations maybe charged an additional shipping surcharge. 



    Backordered items can usually be shipped within 2 to 12 weeks. If the item you’ve chosen is on backorder for 2 to 3 weeks, we can process your order automatically so that it can be shipped as soon as it’s available. In cases where the backorder can take more than 3 weeks, we will contact you via phone or via email to confirm if you accept the lead time and are willing to continue with your order.

    Please note that all processing times we provide are an estimate. Your items may be delivered within a longer or shorter period than what is stated in the estimate. We cannot guarantee an exact delivery date, especially with backorders since the manufacturers control this process directly.


    If you have any questions about your order or our shipping policy, you can reach us through our  contact page. Our friendly representatives are always happy to help.


  • Lowest Price Guarantee

    We work hard to ensure that the prices of our blinds are the best available online. That’s why we guarantee that you’ll get the lowest price on all of our blinds and accessories. Here’s how it works:

    • We guarantee that the price of our blinds is the best available online. If you find an online store that offers a lower price, let us know and we’ll match their price for your purchase.
    • If you find that the blind at an even lower price online within 6 months after your purchase, we will refund you the difference. Simply send a price difference refund request to   support@huntingblindshq.com. This applies even to the prices from our own store at Huntingblindshq.com
    • The competitor must be an online retailer and they must be an authorized dealer of the blinds or accessories in question. The competing online store must also have the product in stock on their website for our price match guarantee to apply.
    • The price match guarantee does not apply to online marketplaces such as Amazon, eBay, Overstock or any other similar websites. The competitor must be selling the item directly on their own online store.
    • Additional promos cannot be applied in addition to the price match guarantee. For example, the free gift promo cannot be added on top of the price match guarantee. Only one promotion can be applied per purchase.
    • Pay less and get more! We partnered with the largest logistics company to assure you that your blinds will get the lowest shipping fee possible compared to other online sellers.
    • We can make sure your hunting blinds are going to have a smooth delivery process. Hunt more, worry less!

    Once we confirm that your order is eligible for our price match guarantee, you can be confident that you’re getting the very best deal online.

    For any questions about our price match guarantee, feel free to   get in touch.

    Shop without fear. Let Huntingblindshq take care of the rest.

  • Check out this video to know more about Sportsman's Condo The SC-1.

  • Customer Reviews

    Based on 4 reviews
    Kenneth Mitchell

    I bought three SC-1 in Summer 2023. From order to delivery was about four weeks and was worth it. All you need after delivery is some lag screws, four 4x4x8 and some 2x4’s for bracing and steps. We started putting al three of them up at 8:00am and finished by lunch. Big difference between last years homemade stand taking all day to get up and just braced. The SC-1’s had the leg slots already attached compared to purchasing them for a homemade stand at approximately $100.00. They were easily lifted by my tractor. I would recommend using 8ft legs for ease of placement. My tractor wouldn’t have been able to lift and move with 10ft legs. I have found nothing to complain about with these units. They are one piece molded. The only air that can possibly get in is around the plexiglass windows. All that you may want to do is add a mat/carpet to be quieter. They are tough as well as I dropped one while standing it up with no damage. If you have a tractor with forks it’s a one man show putting them up. As the title says they are Awesome especially for the price.

    Matt Travis
    Great Quality!

    This blind is almost indestructible, Ive moved it around in the woods a handful of times and its stood up remarkably well. As far as hunting out of the blind you need to do some moderation but its scent tight and keeps you out of the weather and should last for years.

    I put plywood and foam mats on the floor, changed the door handle to a bungee cord and eye hooks inside and out, works great and is a lot quieter opening and closing. Ive put camo duct tape around the windows to help conceal me better and I lined the inside with carpet along the walls because if you bump the inside walls at all forget it your hunt is over. Plastic and cold isn't a good combination.

    Keith Watts
    Update on review....

    I reviewed this previously and said 4 stars f or price. I need to change that to 5 stars. I have looked for over a year now for other blinds and based on the quality, size, sturdiness and over all functionality this blind is a great value. I have looked at others made more shall we say affordable that are junk and semi comparable are upwards of 1500 dollars or more with no system to raise it off the ground. I am ordering another in the near future you will regret buying anything else. Only issue at all is the hard edge at the window where you stick your gun out. I fix it simply by keeping a towel in the blind I use to protect the gun finish from the bottom edge and dampen noise from the gun on the plastic and it works great.see attached photo. This is the black blind I have a camp net around it and the camp windows as you may be able to see are cut out of the net. This blind is about 8 foot to the floor.

    Jake Walpole
    Blind 2009

    I am very happy with the blind. I did make a full set of stairs with a platform in place of the suggested ladder. I also put down plywood on the floor because it seemed a little too flexible but I'm over 300 pounds so Its probably my own fault. It is very sturdy product and was easy to lift with my family helping.

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