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How To Set Up A Ground Blind

How To Set Up A Ground Blind

For ground blind users, or ground blind novice. Hear are some useful tips to improve your hunting chances with hunting with ground blind.

  • Hunters have always told themselves, that they need to be 20 feet up in the air, hanging off a tree.
  • To properly bow hunt.
  • Time is changing, finding hunters turning to ground blinds.
  • Ground blinds becoming more popular and the technology is getting better everyday.


Some good reasons for ground blinds:

  • Fast, easy setup.  Newer ground blinds are pop ups, no real set up involved.
  • Some hunting grounds don’t have trees or very tree poor in quality of trees.
  • Ground blinds also give you a chance to be mobile.
  • Heights, some people have fears of heights.
  • Bring children or company. Ground blinds are safe way to introduce hunting to children. Safer on the ground, then 20 feet in the air.
  • Protection from the elements. Ground blinds can protect you from windy days, instead of trying not to shiver while aiming your shot.
  • Eye level – one real advantage, deers can walk up close to your ground blind. Giving you eye to eye shot with your deer.
  • Privacy- you can eat something, or check the sports news on your cell phone, and not worry about chasing off your shot.


Choosing a good ground blind:

  • Size is important, for you need space to move around comfortably.You don’t want to be in a small blind, and cramp up. Not having any room to stretch out your cramp, or stiff joints.
  • Windows are important, for it your only way to know what is near or around you. And give you different angles to shoot from. And windows can give you away if your not careful with light shining through the back side of blind. Keeping back windows closed, can make the blind dark. So you are totally out of sight while sitting in the middle of your blind. Giving you all the time to prepare your perfect aim, knowing one shot, one kill.
  • Water resistant is nice during wet or drizzling days keeping you dry in your ground blind. Instead of wet and cold up in a tree, waiting for the rain to stop. Tree stands makes hunting a real job, with it raining, or light drizzling rain, and wind.



Choosing a location for setting up your ground blind can be a critical choice.  Setting up one trail, can lead the bucks to take another trail. Instead setting up near a waterhole or food plot can increase your hunting chances. 



Set your   blind up where you want to hunt early, a month or two weeks if you can. To give your blind time to air out, and give local deer a chance to see and check out the blind, with no one in it and getting use to scents. If you can’t afford a month or two weeks. You can place a deer decoy near your ground blind. Decreasing the time need for deers, to get use to your blind. Deers are use to patterns and don’t like changes. Giving them the false belief that it is safe to come near. Try to find a location that avoids the skyline, a shady area under or near a tree. If find one that will work with your ground blind. Facing it down wind from the game trail, will hide your scent. Brush in the roof, and sides. Securing branches in the loops of the ground blind. Using brush or shrubs grown nearby, giving your blind the look of its environment. Spray the outside of your blind and nearby brush with   deer scent, to hide your odors. 

Don’t forget to prep the floor inside your blind. Removing any and all branches or grass that would be noisy. And I like to lay a blanket down, blocking out more noise and dust.  Giving more soft place to move around on my knees. Using your choice of scent control, spray the outside of your ground blind, really good.  Getting rid of your  scent  on the blind, branches and shrubs. And will give the deer a chance to get used to the scent before you come hunting. Set up a bow hanging rack with black gear ties, or black wire, from the ceiling frame.

Finding a good, quiet chair, one you can shoot from, use scent on the chair too. If and when you hunt with a rifle, use a Bog Pod.  To get a steady rest.



Camo  is good for tree stands, or stalking but not for ground blinds, black is your best choice. All black, pants, shirts, hood, hat, gloves. That way when you set in the back of your blind with your front windows open or open with the shooting mesh window closed. Wearing all black and sitting in the back of your blind will let you disappear into the blackout ground blind.

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