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Hunting Tips For Everyone

Hunting Tips For Everyone

You’ve got the best blind in the business, and now you’re gearing up to hunt a monster buck. Here’s the catch: your hunting gear doesn’t make you a better hunter. After all, your hunting blind is only as resourceful as the hunter who’s using it.

Not sure where to start? No problem. Here’s 5 ways to get the best bang for your buck.

1) Pick Your Location Strategically

Think like a buck.  Where would a whitetail deer want to go? 

  • Scout first, then set-up.  If you’ve got your deer pegged, the concealment of the blind is a huge advantage. When you scout first, it aids in your planning and preparation, limiting your visibility with your blind setup and optimizing your hunt.
  • Pick an isolated area, like a food plot or a watering hole.  Deer need to eat and drink, and will return to these areas repeatedly—forcing them to get used to your blind, fast. 

2) Hide It in Plain Sight

Keep your new hunting blind hard to spot by being   scentless  and   camouflaged in dark green paint. Still, there are more things you can do to try and keep your blind hidden from sight, so that it doesn’t startle off any curious deer.

  • Put the blind out early and leave it there long before you hunt.  Why? So that the deer get used to it, and don’t get spooked by the sight of it when you’re hunting.
  • Brush your blind in as much as possible.  This can be done with dead branches, or by placing it beside the roots of a tree. Do anything you can to make your blind blend into the landscape.

3) Don’t Move Around   Too  Much

Don’t assume that just because you’re in a blind, deer can’t see you move around. 

  • Keep your movements minimal.  The more you can do to conceal yourself, the better.
  • Wear all black.  When a deer sees into your window, you’ll blend straight into your blind’s interior.

4) Partner Up!

Make a   room for you   and  a hunting partner.  

  • Bring your best hunting buddy.  Ever feel like the best tool in your arsenal is the friend you always go hunting with? We do, too.
  • …And bring whatever gear you both might need.  Gonna be out there awhile? Bring your snacks, and whatever hunting gear you need to do your best hunting from the blind. 

5) Remember Who the Hunter Is

This last bit is the most important to remember:   your blind can’t do your hunting for you. It’s a great tool to make you more effective but remember what you’re really relying on—your   ownskill and preparation. That’s what wins you that trophy kill, not your hunting gear.

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★ Let customers speak for us

Let customers speak for us

133 reviews
Best purchase ever

After researching other brands I decided on Bass Hunter. I fished in one 40 years ago and loved it so I decided to give it a try. As far as I’m concerned this is top of the line on the market!
I purchased the Bass Hunter 120 on Friday, and hit the water on Saturday morning. With 2 people, trolling motor, battery, depth finder and all the rods and tackle that go along with it we had no issues. Balance is perfect, tracking was straight and it only drafted 6 inches deep. I know I will enjoy this for years to come. Great people to deal with and awesome product at reasonable prices.

as advertised

easily put together and stood up fairly easy.. sturdy and good quality.. wish there were curtaina u could but as an accesory for windows.. but other then that thrilled and cant wait for hunting season


I purchased one of these blinds for the 2021 hunting season. At first I thought maybe I had made a mistake after looking at the cost but after using it I can say eith 100% assurance that I made the right decision. The blind is well made and will last a long long time. My kids and I absolutely loved hunting out of it. I will be buying another one.

Muddy The Soft Side 360 Hunting Blind
Anthony Di Giovanni

Blind is excellent. High enough to stand, quite and dark. Have had deer almost looking in the widow. Platform is a little bit of pain assembling, just too many parts but also works very well.

5 sided blind

I have not yet had time to set it up but looks like it arrived in good shape and looking forward on using it.

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